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Advice for young people

Updated: March 17 2019
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Finding your first home can be difficult
Young man
We know that it can be difficult to get your first place to live - and particularly if you are young, being faced with long, detailed forms and lots of different organisations to deal with can be very daunting. We've put together a few extra ways to explain how to get started. We hope they are helpful.
There are a number of brief films available offering useful advice and information:
We have produced a comic strip which we developed in partnership with members of the Northern Ireland Youth Forum. It's aimed at the 13-17 age group and it illustrates some of the issues for young people in obtaining and sustaining a tenancy.
We've also produced a short film which takes you on the journey of Danielle and Nicole as they seek to find a place of their own. They visit the Housing Executive and then into the world of private renting.

The film highlights some of the difficulties that young people can face in finding a home and shows that even once a suitable place has been found, things can still go wrong.

It ends with some simple advice which can help ensure that tenancies are successful and the expectations of a first "home away from home" do not end in failure.
The film was made by BNL Productions.