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Adaptations in a housing association property

Updated: 20 Mar 2019
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Housing association tenants can get help with adaptations
Triangle Housing Association
If you are a housing association tenant and wish to apply for a major adaptation you will need to follow the process detailed below.
Please note that the completion of adaptation work may involve certain people calling to your home including housing association staff, occupational therapists, technical advisers and building contractors. If a caller claims to be on official business always ask to see the callers identification card.

Step 1

Housing officer approached regarding difficulties managing everyday activities.

Step 2

Referral to occupational therapist (OT) or provision of specified minor works.

Step 3

OT assessment and recommendation where adaptations are necessary.

Step 4

Site visit by clerk of works/designer/housing officer.

Step 5

Option appraisal by housing management e.g. housing transfer and other options.

Step 6

Designer draws up sketch proposals.

Step 7

Proposals checked by housing management/OT/client. Decanting arrangements considered if necessary.

Step 8

Necessary scheme approval including statutory approval obtained.

Step 9

Contractor appointed.

Step 10

Department for Social Development release grant for adaptation.

Step 11

An OT visit where equipment is required to use adaptation.
If you are a housing association tenant and would like further information on disabled adaptations, please contact your landlord. The Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (NIFHA) represents and promotes housing associations in Northern Ireland.