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Adaptations in a Housing Executive property

Updated: 21 Mar 2019
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Some adaptations need a referral from an occupational therapist
Disabled adaptation Newry
Housing adaptations for people with a disability are classified into two categories, major and minor adaptations.

Minor adaptations which don't need a referral

We are responsible for directly carrying out certain minor adaptations which do not require referral to an occupational therapist

Minor adaptations which need a referral

There are other minor adaptations which require referral to an occupational therapist for an assessment of your needs.

Major adaptations

We are also responsible for carrying out certain major adaptations to tenants homes.

Change of heating

We are directly responsible for the assessing requests for a change of heating to tenants homes.
If you require an adaptation which is not listed, please contact your local district office for details of how to acquire this type of work.