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Our environmental policy

Updated: 18 Mar 2019
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train all staff in sustainable development awareness
Training Housing Executive staff
Our environmental policy is to ensure that all of our activities and decisions make a positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Strategy for Northern Ireland.
Concern for environmental conditions and best use of resources is part of our business strategy.
Our policy is to:
  • maintain an independently certified environmental management system for the Housing Centre
  • remain committed to legal compliance and continual improvement of our environmental management system throughout Housing Executive business areas
  • train all staff in sustainable development awareness and provide specialist training as needed
  • develop and maintain targets in keeping with the Northern Ireland Sustainable Development Strategy
  • apply the reduce, re-use, recycle approach to waste streams
  • prevent pollution of air, land and water
  • support initiatives to develop sustainable local communities
  • offer environmental and sustainable advise to business, community and voluntary sector stakeholder organisations
  • enhance and protect biodiversity cross all Housing Executive landholdings

Further information

  • You can read about our environmental strategy in the Strategies section of the site.
  • We have also further information for our contractors and suppliers about why they need to have their own Environmental Policy in place.