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Frequently asked questions

Updated: 19 Mar 2019
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This scheme will help to provide access to the private rented sector

Private rented sector in Derry

Private Rented Sector Access Scheme (PRSAS)

Affordable housing in the Private Rented Sector

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive is funding Smartmove Housing's Private Rented Sector Access Scheme as part of the housing options approach.  It is designed to expand the choice of people in Northern Ireland by providing good quality affordable housing in the Private Rented Sector which can provide a real alternative for households awaiting social housing in high demand areas.

Who can access the scheme?

Anyone can apply to be housed by Smartmove.  Their Housing Officer will assess your circumstances and suitability for the scheme.  If you are on the social housing waiting list, you will agree to be removed from the list if you are rehoused by Smartmove.

Is it for me?

Smartmove Housing will offer you as a tenant:
  • Access to a tenancy in the Private Rented Sector, by removing obstacles such as the need for excessive deposits or high levels of rent in advance
  • A tenancy agreement/statement and a rent book in line with the Private Tenancies (NI) Order 2006
  • Assistance with completing the Housing Benefit Application Form
  • Guidance and signposting to relevant support services (if required)

How will tenants benefit?

  • Tenancy support and guidance available from Smartmove Housing (if required)
  • The facility to save towards a deposit during your tenancy, which will allow more options to be available to you with your deposit when you leave, which you ordinarily would not have saved
  • We will assist you to open a bank account (if required)
  • We will arrange a benefits entitlement check for you (if required)
  • The properties within Smartmove Housing are affordable to rent

What Smartmove will ask of you as a tenant:

  • Agree to be removed from the NIHE social housing waiting list
  • That you abide by the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement
  • Co-operate with Smartmove Housing staff
  • Agree to a payment plan to save towards your deposit
If you are interested you can contact a Smartmove Housing Officer on:
North Belfast - 07711368513/ 07921064799 -
West Belfast - 07894096205 -
South Belfast - 07725688204 -
Collon - 07872685206 -
Waterside - 07894096209 -
Waterloo -07894096209 -
Other Areas:
Castlereagh - 07834774520 -
Lisburn - 07834774519 -
Newry - 07921064797 -
Downpatrick - 07711368514 -
Antrim - 07834774518 -
Ballymena - 07834774517 -