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Making sure your tenants are safe

Updated: 16 Feb 2019
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Make sure you adhere to all safety standards
Wood pellet burner
Before you let a property, you need to ensure that it is clean, dry, safe and in a habitable condition. The electric supply, the plumbing and the central heating should all be checked for safety, and the kitchen should be of a reasonable standard with safety facilities for storing and preparing food.
As a landlord you have a legal duty to ensure that your premises and appliances are safe. Appliances which burn any fossil fuel such as gas, coal or oil, can produce carbon monoxide if they have not been fitted properly or serviced regularly. The law makes it clear that landlords who let accommodation through letting agents are equally liable.
Remember, failure to observe safety regulations can lead to prosecution and to a substantial claim for damages by the injured party. District councils have powers of enforcement under the legislation in relation to these matters.
If you require further advice on safety matters you should contact your local district council.