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How to end a tenancy

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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Return all keys before you leave
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If the tenancy is for a fixed term - for example, 6 months or a year, then the tenancy will end on reaching the agreed termination date. The landlord should give the tenant at least 4 weeks written notice of the intention to end the tenancy. If the tenancy continues as a periodic tenancy, or if you have a periodic tenancy from the outset, for example month to month, the tenancy can be brought to an end by either the landlord or tenant giving the other at least 4 weeks written notice to quit.

Leaving the property

Before you leave the property you should:
  • contact service suppliers and advise them that you are leaving
  • record the meter readings if possible with the landlord
  • advise your local Housing Executive office that you are changing address if you were claiming LHA
  • arrange to have your mail sent to your new address
  • clean the property
  • contact the landlord for inspection and return of your deposit
  • check the inventory of furnishings with your landlord
  • secure the property
  • return all sets of keys