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What you need from your landlord when you move in

Updated: 18 Mar 2019
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Contact your district office if you need to claim LHA
Derry district office
When you move in your landlord must give you:
If your landlord doesn’t give you a rent book or statement of tenancy terms you should contact your local district council's environmental health department.

What you need to do

  • Agree and sign the inventory of furnishings (Adobe PDF 54 KB) with your landlord or witness (you may wish to take photographs of damaged furniture etc.)
  • Advise service suppliers for gas, electric and telephone that you are the new tenant and take meter readings.
  • Contact your local Housing Executive office immediately if you are going to claim Local Housing Allowance or notify them of your change of address if you had a claim at a previous address.
  • Insure your possessions (your landlord is responsible for building insurance).
  • Get familiar with heating systems, electrical appliances and water systems, how they operate and how to turn them off in an emergency.