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Advice for landlords

Updated: 09 Dec 2018
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Registration fees depend on the number of occupants
HMO fire regulations

New! Online HMO Application, Renewal and Variation Applications

The Housing Executive can now accept online applications for new registrations, renewal of a registration and variation of an existing registration. Please visit this section for more information:
The HMO Registration Scheme requires the payment of a fee on first registration of the house, and a payment on any renewal of the registration of half the fee which
would then have been payable on a first registration of the house.
As each house shall be registered for occupation by a maximum number of occupants, a fee equivalent to £25 per year for each occupant shall be payable on first registration of a house.

Therefore, for a 5-year registration, the initial registration fee effective from 7th May 2009 is:
No. of Occupants Five year fee
3 occupants £375
4 occupants £500
5 occupants £625
6 occupants £750
7 occupants £875
8 occupants £1,000
9 occupants £1,125
10 occupants £1,250
The fee is capped at the equivalent of 10 residents for each registered HMO. Fees must be paid in full on first registration of the house, or on renewal of registrationq
You can also contact staff in our HMO Office on 03448 920 900 to request a HMO Application Form.