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The standards of service you can expect from us

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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We have minimum standards of service for every step of the process
A member of staff helping a customer
We have developed standards of service which we aim to meet in processing Renovation, Replacement and Disabled Facilities Grants. We always try to be courteous and competent. To help you check the service we provide in processing grants, we have listed the minimum standards you can expect at each stage, depending on the money available.

Preliminary enquiry stage

We aim to acknowledge receipt of your enquiry within 10 working days, and advise you when the technical inspection of your property may take place. It may take some time before the inspection can be arranged.

Issue of schedule of works

Following the inspection of your house, the grants office will let you know whether you will get grant aid and will list all the work to be carried out. We may ask you for more information at this stage. If you are eligible for a grant, we aim to send you the list of works to be carried out within 12 weeks.

Formal approval

We will send you out a formal approval document. This tells you that you are allowed to start the work and shows you the amount of money we will give you towards it.
Once we have received all the necessary documents from you (e.g. plans estimates, Building Control and planning approval, proof of ownership, details to calculate whether you have to make a contribution and income details for assessing your contribution towards the cost of the work), we aim to issue the formal approval within 6 months.

Inspection of works

We will inspect the work before the grant can be paid. We aim to inspect the work within 2 weeks of a request.


We will make interim and final payments when we consider the work to be completed. We aim to make the payment within 4 weeks of inspection, provided that all relevant invoices, guarantees and certificates have been received.

General services

Grants offices will normally be open to the public on week days between 9.30 a.m.and 4.00p.m. The grants office will investigate any complaint regarding service. Your local grants office staff will try to settle your complaint straightaway. If, however, you remain dissatisfied you may make a formal complaint to the grants manager under our complaints procedure.

Our standards of service for grants represent the minimum standards at key stages in the grants system and do not indicate the overall length of time taken from initial enquiry to final payment of grant. It must be remembered that other agencies may be involved which can add to the time required to complete your application.
For more information, contact your local grants office.