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Using registered contractors to carry out improvements

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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It's in your interests to use a registered builder
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Using a registered builder protects you if a dispute arises.  For example, in the event of your contractor going out of business or failing to complete the work, the scheme who registered the contractor will arrange for the work to be completed.
Where a problem does arise you should contact the relevant scheme.

Building work

Where the approved cost exceeds £5,000 you must use a builder who is registered with one of the following recognised warranted builders schemes:

Electrical work

Electrical works to be carried out by a qualified electrical contractor and a completion certificate provided.

Treatment for rising damp and wood rot

These types of work must be carried out by a specialist contractor who will provide a guarantee for at least 15 years.

Standard of work

You should remember that we are not responsible for the standard of your builder’s work.  It is your responsibility to check on the standard of work. You may find it helpful to employ an architect, surveyor or other professional to supervise the work for you.


We would recommend that you obtain estimates for the work from a number of local builders to ensure that you get the work completed at the best price.

Replacement Grant

If you have received approval for a Replacement Grant, you must use a builder who can provide a 10 year guarantee on completion of the works and is registered with one of the following schemes:

Further information

Your local grants office can provide more information and lists of recognised contractors.