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What happens to your LHA when your circumstances change

Updated: 17 Mar 2019
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The LHA rate you are awarded will apply for 1 year uless your circumstances change
Private sector Rasharkin
Once a person is awarded LHA the rate they are entitled to will generally apply for a year and the rate will be reviewed at the end of this period. But they may have a change of circumstances which means they become entitled to a different rate. For example if the number of members of the household changes resulting in a change to the number of bedrooms.

New baby

A tenant cannot get the LHA rate for a bigger property while they (or their partner) are pregnant.
If the tenant is allowed an extra bedroom under the size criteria due to having a new baby or adopting a child, the change in the LHA rate will take effect from when the baby is born/child is adopted, or starts to live in the property. However, the tenant must notify us of the change within a calendar month of the change happening.

Child’s birthday

If a child reaches 10 or 16 and as a result the claimant is allowed a bigger property under the size criteria, the change takes place from the Monday following the child’s birthday.

Person in household dies

If someone in the household dies and as a result the claimant would be entitled to a lower LHA under the size criteria there is 12 months protection at the higher rate. This means the LHA rate will not go down until a year after the person dies.

The landlord increases the rent

This does not affect the LHA which applies to the tenant because the LHA does not take account of the actual rent payable. The LHA rate will be reviewed one year after it is first applied.

The claimant moves

If the claimant moves to a new private tenancy they will need to make a new claim for LHA for that tenancy.