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The Lone Pensioner Allowance for help with rates

Updated: 17 Mar 2019
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The Lone Pensioner Allowance is not means tested
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The Lone Pensioner Allowance entitles you to a 20% discount on your rates if you are:
  • a pensioner aged 70 or over;
  • living on your own (there may be some exceptions to this); and
  • paying rates for your home.

Is LPA means-tested?

No. LPA is not means-tested. In other words, whether you get the allowance does not depend on your income or savings so you don’t have to tell us about them when you apply.

Someone lives with me because I am no longer able to live on my own. Am I still entitled to LPA?

To qualify for LPA, you must live alone. However, if you are no longer able to live on your own because you need someone to help care for you (some conditions will apply), you may still be entitled to LPA. When you apply, we will ask you for details about the person who lives with you.

How will I know if I am entitled to this discount?

To get this discount you will need to fill in a short application form. You will need to provide some details such as your National Insurance number and confirm your date of birth and how much you pay for your rates.
If you are a Housing Executive tenant, or you own your own home, you do not need to tell us how much you pay for your rates.

How long will I receive LPA for?

If you are entitled to LPA, you will continue to receive the same amount unless:
  • someone comes to live with you;
  • you no longer have to pay rates; or
  • the amount you have to pay for your rates changes.

How is LPA paid?

LPA is always paid direct into an account for you. This could be your rent or rates account if you are a Housing Executive or a housing association tenant, or your rate account if you are a private tenant or you pay your rates to Land and Property Services.

How do I apply?

If you rent your home or you used to own the property you live in and you still have to pay rates, you can:
If you own and live in your own home, you can:
  • phone Land and Property Services helpline on 0845 300 6360 (textphone 0845 300 6361);
  • call in at your local Land and Property Services office; or
  • go to the LPS website and download an application form.

For more advice

If you are a pensioner on a low income and you have savings of less than £16,000 (to claim Housing Benefit) or £50,000 (to claim Rate Relief ), you can get help with your rates through the Housing Benefit and Rate Relief schemes.
If you get Housing Benefit or Rate Relief (or both) but you don’t get all your rates paid, we will use the information we already have about you to work out how much LPA you might be entitled to unless you tell us that you do not want to apply for the discount.
LPA is not means-tested so any social security benefits you receive will not normally be affected.