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Robert Clements, Our Sustainable Development Manager
Robert Clements, Sustainable Development Manager
I am... Robert Clements, Sustainable Development Manager at the Housing Executive

I have been working in…

…the Housing Executive for three years and I am passionate about improving energy efficiency across Northern Ireland.  The Energy Conservation and Environmental Policy Units recently merged to form the Sustainable Development Unit which will continue to evolve the excellent work by the two units to promote energy efficiency and a low carbon environment within a continually changing landscape.

The Sustainable Development Unit’s aim is…

…to ensure the Housing Executive, as the Regional Housing Authority, is best placed to influence and promote practical and cost effective energy efficiency measures to deliver significant improvements to all householders across Northern Ireland and promote a low carbon environment through our stakeholders.

We have a number of objectives…

…which ensure the Housing Executive meets its statutory obligations as the Home Energy Conservation Authority (HECA) for Northern Ireland.  

The key objectives are:

•Maintaining the Environmental Management System (EMS) to promote environmental protection, in line with legislation, for our core offices.

•Investigating new technologies, new funding mechanisms, developing new approaches to tackling fuel poverty and reducing CO2 emissions across all residential sectors of both public and private.

Whilst the Sustainable Development Unit co-ordinates the role, provides the annual statutory report and delivers innovative projects, the core programmes are delivered by the Housing Executive’s Housing Services, Asset Management and Regional Services teams with support from both Corporate Services and Finance.  Therefore the Housing Executive’s HECA role belongs to and is delivered across all divisions of the Housing Executive.

The most satisfying part of my work…

…making a real difference to people’s lives. Whether it’s through our innovative projects or signposting a householder at the many events our Team organises/supports. The two schemes I am most proud of are the Oil Buying Scheme  set up within our Unit which has the potential to save up to £90 per annum for each householder and our Solar PV scheme benefitting 1,000 Housing Executive tenants can mean up to 50% per year savings on their annual electricity bill.