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How to report anti-social behaviour

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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Report anti social behaviour on 03448 920 900
We will investigate complaints of anti-social behaviour where the behaviour involves or affects a Housing Executive property or its tenants.  This can include reports being made by Housing Executive tenants who are the victims of anti-social behaviour caused by private sector households and non Housing Executive tenants.

What to do

If you have experienced or witnessed anti-social behaviour, you need to contact your local district office.
You can do this by phoning, calling in person to the office, advising an housing officer or neighbourhood Officer who may be in your area, sending a letter to us or by emailing. Complaints can also be made on your behalf by a relative, friend or representative.
If English is not your first language and you wish to report an incident of  hate crime, your local district office has a telephone translation facilities, which allows for reports of anti-social behaviour to be made in many languages and alternative formats.
You can make your complaint anonymously, but if you do, the action that we can take may be limited.  
When dealing with complaints of anti-social behaviour, we will do our best to protect your identify at all times.
When reporting an incident of anti-social behaviour, our staff will ask you to provide where possible, specific details of the incident, and this will include details of the date, time, what actually happened, who was involved and whether there were any other people affected by it.
It may also be necessary for you to report the incident to another agency.  If the incident is serious or criminal in nature, you should contact the PSNI. If the incident relates to environmental issues such as pets, noise or rubbish dumping, then you should make a report to your local council offices.