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Other measures we can take

Updated: 19 Mar 2019
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If we find you have been guilty of anti social behaviour we can refuse tenancy


When an individual or household makes a housing application to a district office either as a homeless applicant or under the Housing Selection Scheme, their eligibility to become a tenant will be considered.
If it is determined that the applicant or a member of their household has been guilty of serious unacceptable behaviour, then they may not be entitled to housing assistance.

Refusal of house sale

A secure tenant may be unable to buy their home, if due to ASB we have taken legal action or are considering taking legal action within the next three months.

Introductory tenancies

We operate an Introductory Tenancy regime, whereby all new tenants undertake a 12 months introductory tenancy. Should ASB occur during the introductory period, we may repossess the tenancy under the terms of the Introductory Tenancy.