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Supporting witnesses and complainants

Updated: 18 Mar 2019
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We provide support for witnesses and complainants
A member of staff helping a customer
The contribution made by witnesses and complainants is central to the success of any legal action we take. It is very important that anyone who has witnessed or experienced anti social behaviour co-operates fully with us (and with other agencies) throughout the legal process.
We understand that people are often frightened to report anti-social behaviour and may be particularly apprehensive when they are called upon as witnesses, should we be left with no option but to take the case to court.
In order to support complainants and witnesses, we maintain contact and keep them informed of what is happening in a case.
Where the person is attending court as a witness, Housing Executive staff will:
  • meet with the witness before the court hearing if necessary
  • arrange for the witness to see the court prior to the hearing
  • make any special arrangements to help witnesses with a disability or particular needs
  • check transport arrangements
  • keep witnesses briefed on the legal process
  • try to obtain a separate waiting room/area in the court.
  • act as companion throughout the court hearing
  • reimburse costs incurred as a result of attending court, such as loss of earnings, childcare, subsistence and travel