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Social Investments

Updated: 20 Jun 2018
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We launched our Social Housing Enterprise Strategy in September 2015.
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The Housing Executive’s Social Housing Enterprise Strategy, which was launched in September 2015, aims to empower our social housing communities to tackle difficult issues which affect their quality of life, through the creation or expansion of social enterprises.
The Strategy recognises that those same communities remain the most likely to be socially and economically disadvantaged, and often excluded from the wider community.
Consequently, these community-owned businesses are to bring about transformative and sustainable changes and social outcomes which benefit those communities and their residents over the medium to long term.
Our Strategy will help by providing:
  • Support to communities with additional finance and other resources
  • Assistance in the creation of community owned social enterprises.
  • Increased community involvement.
  • Building social capital and value for their residents
  • New and innovative self-sustaining development opportunities and improving life chances.
Our Social Housing Enterprise Investment programme, and other resources, will provide opportunities for individual and groups to get access to financial assistance and guidance in relation to.
  • Helping create training, employment and other opportunities
  • Revitalising how we engage and encourage those within our communities to come engage with us and other statutory service providers.
  • Developing additional services and facilities which are of added value to our social housing communities.
Improving opportunities and bringing about positive and sustainable changes is a key priority for our Social Housing Enterprise Strategy and the associated awards programmes, with the key themes of improving:
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The Social Housing Investment strands within the Strategy are seen as critical drivers for our communities’ development and growth and will make real and tangible opportunities for our tenants.
Through the Strategy and its associated elements, the Housing Executive is:
  • Fully committed to providing the tools to our tenants and communities that will make a real difference, and
  • Will at every opportunity provide the necessary guidance and assistance on their individual journeys,
  • Will provide access to those social economy/ social enterprise organisations/ agencies who have the knowledge, skills and resources to help build and sustain their social enterprises.
  • Will provide opportunities for tenant and community involvement in the creation of self-sustaining and economically vibrant social enterprises.
  • Will utilise its assets and other resources, where possible, to support and sustain those our communities. Will strive to build on tenant empowerment and in improving their opportunities for involvement.