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The Chairperson's role and responsibilities

Updated: 17 Mar 2019
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The chair must be fair, focussed and well informed
Lisburn North community group
The chairperson of a committee is responsible for the smooth running of meetings, allowing all members to have their say, and for guiding the committee's work towards the aims set by the community association. This is a vital position in any community association and a good chairperson will do the following:

At committee meetings

  • Conduct business in the order set out in the agenda
  • Keep discussion focused on the item as set by the agenda
  • Make sure that a decision has been reached before going onto the next item on the agenda
  • Allow everyone to speak and be heard
  • Make sure a record of all decisions is kept.

Between committee meetings

  • Know of all work that the community association is doing so that he/she is well informed about all matters that may arise at committee meetings
  • Keep in touch with other committee members and how their work is coming along, which means supporting people, not ordering them about
  • Meet with the secretary to arrange and draw up the agenda to be discussed at meetings and ensure minutes are properly drafted and issued prior to the next meeting.