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Potential funding sources for community groups

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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There are many sources of funding available
There are various sources of funding available to community groups. Grants are one of the best ways. Before applying, the following points should be considered.

Does your idea fit the criteria?

Most grants are made available for specific projects. Make sure that your project fits the criteria before applying. Do not be tempted to distort your activities to fit into new funding opportunities. If you do, your organisation may lose its direction and future stability may be threatened.

Complete the application carefully

Read the application form and answer all questions accurately. Good presentation is important. Support your application with additional information such as photographs or plans.

Meet the deadlines

Most funders will have deadlines for receipt of applications. In addition, some grant awards impose time constraints on project completion, or the money must be returned. Make sure you can do the work in the time expected by the funder.

Provide feedback

Develop a good relationship with those funders who do support you and keep them aware of your progress. Some funders may insist on a formal report. A development plan with in-built monitoring and evaluation procedures will help you respond to these challenges.