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Raising your own money

Updated: 21 Mar 2019
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Raising your own money can give you extra publicity
Whatever sort of group you are, it is likely you will have to do some fundraising yourselves. There may be no other way of raising money. If funders have not given the full funds needed, then you will need to find ways of making up the difference.

Why it's a good idea to raise your own money

DIY fundraising gives you credibility with potential funders and should also:
  • give you credibility with your community
  • give you additional publicity
  • help members of the group to feel part of something, to feel they are doing something about a problem, and to gain skills and confidence in themselves.

Ways of raising your own money

There are all sorts of things you can do, such as organising dances, discos, jumble sales, fashion shows and raffles, to raise money. Remember a Police Permit is required to undertake a street collection and, for certain types of raffles/ballots, you will need to register with the local council.

Further information

SCNI has a factsheet which is available free of charge to tenant/community groups. The organisation also has a charity advice service which provides information on lawful functions of a charity, lotteries and organisation structures. You can call them on (028) 2564 5676