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Rural housing issues

Updated: 16 Feb 2019
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Rural communities have specific needs and challenges
Rural cottage view
We provide a range of services to help rural communities and those living or wanting to live in rural areas.
We have developed our ‘Sustainable Rural Communities’ Strategy & Action Plan 2016-2020 which recognises those housing issues which are specific to rural areas (small towns, villages, small settlements and dispersed rural communities with a population of less than 5,000) and sets out how we plan to identify and address housing needs over the next 4 years.

Sustainable Rural Communities Annual Progress Report

We are delighted to present the “Sustainable Rural Communities” Annual Progress Reports
In November 2016 we launched “Sustainable Rural Communities” our Rural Strategy and Action Plan.  The Strategy identified those housing needs and issues which are specific to rural areas and indicated how we plan to work with rural stakeholders to make a difference to rural communities over the next 4 years.   
This Report summarises our encouraging progress to date against each Action within the Strategy and highlights our key achievements during its first year. These include:
A total investment of £48.4 million in our rural communities;
construction commencing on 84 new build social homes in rural areas; and
facilitating the refurbishment of four properties in Richhill and two properties in Portaferry through the Heritage in Housing Programme

About this section

This section provides advice on the following topics:
  • New homes - if you need a home or belong to a rural community where you think there is a need for new homes.
  • Improving properties – if you want information on improving your property.
  • Communities - if your community wishes to raise rural housing issues with the Housing Executive or you would like information on our Rural Residents Forum.
  • Independent living - if you are faced with homelessness in a rural area or if perhaps your home requires adaptations to help you continue to live there
  • Rural development - if you want to find out how housing can contribute to broader regeneration and development.