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Improving properties in rural areas

Updated: 19 Jan 2019
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The Replacement Grant has helped rural regeneration
Replacement grant Fermanagh
Since 1974 we have been undertaking regular house condition surveys which show a continued reduction in the number of unfit houses in both urban and rural areas.  
While rural unfitness remains higher than that in urban areas, the difference has narrowed.  In 2011, 4.1% of rural housing was unfit compared to 1.6% in urban areas.  Most unfit houses are in private ownership, with the worst housing unfitness occurring in more isolated rural areas.  

Improving your property

If you want information on improving your property, help to tackle poor housing conditions in the private sector is available through our home improvement grants service.  
If you own a home that has particular architectural or historic merit, you may be interested in our guide to traditional buildings.

Energy matters

We are keen to promote energy efficiency measures, particularly in rural dwellings which tend to be less energy efficient than those in urban areas.  Many rural properties can be hard to heat as they are often older dwellings with solid walls.
An additional factor is that their location can mean that they will not have access to the gas network and oil deliveries can be more expensive in remote areas.