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Independent living in rural areas

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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We want rural dwellers to be independent for as long as they wish
Older man outside door
Homelessness is not confined to inner cities and urban streets. Many people in rural areas face the same difficulties as those in urban areas – low incomes, relationship breakdown, lack of a secure home, health problems and social isolation.
All these factors are linked to and can lead to homelessness. Homelessness can happen to anyone whether they’re from the town or the country
If you are homeless or faced with homelessness in a rural area, you should contact us as soon as possible. The help available will depend on your circumstances but at the very least you will get advice and guidance. Visit our homelessness section for more information.

Support for rural living

As far as possible, we want to make sure that anyone living in the countryside can be independent for as long as they wish and have the capacity to do so. For example, we recognise that as people get older, they sometimes require adaptations to their home to improve their quality of life.
Assistance is available to both tenants and owner occupiers.