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New homes in rural areas

Updated: 21 Mar 2019
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We use latent demand testing to establish a need for rural housing
Rural housing in Blackwatertown
We own around 15,000 social rented homes in rural areas. We can provide advice and information for anyone wishing to rent one of our own or a housing association property or to discuss other potential housing options.  
We also have a role in identifying where new social and affordable housing is needed as we recognise that this need can often be hidden in rural areas. For example, we know that those interested in rural housing do not always register with us, as they may feel rural housing opportunities are limited.
To help address this potential hidden need, or "latent demand", we carry out housing needs tests in selected rural areas each year.
These tests are discussed in our ‘Rural Matters’ magazines, with details of how you can register an interest for new social housing in your area.

If you belong to a rural community where you think there is a need for new homes

We are happy to visit and talk to local community groups in rural areas where there are concerns about a lack of social or affordable housing to determine whether a rural housing need test is required. We can then examine what might be done to tackle any identified need. If your community group wishes to discuss housing issues, please contact our Rural Housing Unit.
If you want to see where new houses are being provided, go to the Social Housing Development Programme search.

If you need a home

If the area you wish to live in is not in the planned programme of rural housing need tests, you can still register for social housing in your area and we will discuss your options and if necessary arrange a visit with a housing advisor to complete a housing application. We can also provide advice and information for anyone wishing to privately rent or own a home in their area.
Further information is available as follows: