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Housing Market Analysis

Updated: 19 Jan 2019
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The HMA programme will run for two years
Building site at Twinbrook in Belfast
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) commissioned this study to enhance understanding of the concept of functional housing market areas and to update the suite of 11 broad housing market areas (HMAs) that were originally defined in 2009.
The updated HMAs set out in this report are primarily intended to provide NIHE with a spatial framework to support their analysis of local housing systems and their internal strategy development processes. However, the HMAs should also assist local authorities to more clearly understand the broad HMA of which their local area is part. This in turn should help to clarify which local authorities should look to collaborate in planning for housing development across the broad HMA.
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In line with the 2007 DCLG published guidance on the Strategic Housing Market Assessment methodologies the Housing Executive has embarked on a programme of Housing Market Analysis in NI. Our initial Housing Market Analysis research (2009) established eleven functional housing market geographies in NI
In March 2011, a Belfast Metropolitan Housing Market Analysis pilot was concluded. It is planned to deliver a two year Housing Market Analysis programme (2011/12 – 2012/13) on the remaining 10 Housing Market Area (HMA) reports, subject to available resources.
Two common themes run through Housing Market Analysis:
  • The need to base local housing analysis on functional market areas that have some intrinsic rationale rather than simply on the basis of administrative boundaries;
  • The need to integrate analysis of housing need with a more general investigation on how housing markets work. This should be based on a more accurate and fuller understanding of consumer choice and the impact of market responses to economic investment.
We believe that Housing Market Analysis is an important planning tool for housing development. It demonstrates an understanding of current housing market trends and identifies potential future imbalances in the NI housing market. Housing Market Analysis reports will provide a more detailed and rigorous inter tenure analysis of the housing market to complement our housing need assessment.

Affordability in the private housing market in Northern Ireland

Summary of analysis carried out by Ulster University, looking at two related measures of house price purchase affordability (repayment affordability and deposit requirements) in Northern Ireland since 2010.
Previous research commissioned by the Housing Executive and Chartered Institute of Housing used a different methodology to analyse affordability in Northern Ireland.

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The Housing Market Analysis for the Dungannon area can be found within the following report:

The Belfast Metropolitan Housing Market Area: a local housing system analysis

A pilot examination of a local housing system for the Belfast Metropolitan Housing Market Area (HMA). The Belfast Metropolitan HMA is the main economic engine of Northern Ireland. It was chosen as a pilot case study because it is the most complex of the housing market areas in Northern Ireland. It also provides numerous lessons for the conduct of such studies elsewhere in Northern Ireland. It has also been at the centre of an unprecedented boom and bust housing market, the effects of which have spilled over into social and private renting, the land market and the sustainability of the wider economy.