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Doing business with the Housing Executive

Updated: 16 Feb 2019
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This section offers advice for contractors
Get advice before you get into rent arrears
You can now view all current Housing Executive tender opportunities at eTendersNI
This section is aimed at contractors, and explains:
We are one of the largest public sector organisations in Northern Ireland and a Centre of Procurement Expertise.

What we buy

Procurement Contracts

You can now download:

How we buy

Tender values

The procedures for procuring construction contracts, supplies and services will differ, depending on the estimated value or amount of each quotation or tender. The procedures can be found within section B3 of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive Standing Orders & Board Scheme of Delegations (Adobe PDF 559 KB).
Note: Contracts above the EC Procurement Threshold are publicly advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union. Further information is available on current EC procurement thresholds.


Products and Proposals that are not on the market

If you have a new product or service or improvement that is in development, or which has not been applied in Northern Ireland or the UK, but which you think could benefit the occupiers and owners of housing in Northern Ireland, please ask about our Technical Innovation programme.
We may have useful advice about other markets or applications for housing related products, even when we cannot use these for NIHE homes within current budgets.
Any acceptance of a proposal for a limited pre-commercial test or trial is no endorsement of the Housing Executive of performance claims for any product or service.
Please email for an initial telephone conversation, or for a questionnaire for return.