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How the contract management framework works

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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The overall aim of the contract management framework is to provide a supportive framework in which providers are enabled to deliver excellent services to vulnerable people in partnership with Supporting People.

Grouping services

For the purposes of determining and implementing contract management activity, services of 1 provider will be grouped.
Contract management involves the following steps:

Step 1 - Annual returns

The submission of 3 annual returns with supporting evidence will be required
Providers of SP services will be notified individually as to when these returns should be completed and returned to SP.

Step 2 – Risk management

A risk assessment will be completed for the groups of services following the submission of the annual returns.  

Step 3 – Contract management activity

The risk assessment will determine whether the group requires a light, moderate or active contract management approach.

The processes

The activities which make up the contract management process are

Quarterly service updates  

Regular updates from providers on progress to the SIP (Service Improvement Plan) targets and general operation of services.

Contract meetings

The meeting will be the primary forum to discuss all main issues relevant the group.

Validation visits

The purpose of the visit is to validate the information provided in the annual returns and ensure services continue to be eligible for SP funding.

Performance visits

On occasions a non routine visit may be required where a serious concern has been noted (e.g. as a result of a complaint).  In such cases a spot check may be carried out without prior notice.

Information for service users

A short leaflet has been produced on contract management and validation visits for service users.