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Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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Please note that you cannot currently access directly from page (Supporting People by Oxford Computer Consultants) provides a secure online link for data access and exchange between Supporting People providers and the Supporting People team.
Supporting People providers have access to key information held by Supporting People on their own services and clients. also provides the facility to update this information e.g. advise SP on new clients entering into Block Subsidy (long term) services and Floating Support services and likewise advising SP when clients leave these services. Providers download and submit their PI workbooks through
If you need any information please contact the Supporting People team.
A fix has been added to SPOCC net which will now enable you to submit the QAF through SPOCC net. When you are submitting your QAF please note the following:
Adding Multiple Services
If submitting a QAF for several services note you can only pick one service from the dropdown box you will see when you go into the QAF area. Select manage, submit a new QAF (either QAF 2009 or QAF lite which ever is applicable) select continue, complete date requested then add additional services (they will show in a drop down box). Please select all additional services in one go or the system will overwrite any previous additions.
Attaching Evidence Files
Large individual files will result in the user being rejected from the system. ALL attachments being added with the QAF must be less than 4 MB.
If you have any queries in relation to QAF submissions through SPOCC please contact your Area Team who are responsible for the acceptance of the QAF.
SPOCC net has been upgraded to version 13.  The system is now opened up again for use. This version includes the following new features and enhancements within
Listed below are details of the new features:
On the welcome to SPOCC net front page you will notice are two new icons – Manage Clients and Quality Assessment Frameworks (QAFs)
  1. Manage Client icon
Clients’ schedules can be “rescheduled” moving them from one service /level to another with one action. – When keying end date for clients the NEW reschedule button allows addition to a service at a new property this eliminates having to end one schedule and add to another.
  1. Providers can now cancel pending SPOCC net requests – this is done through using “request to local authority sent box” and pressing NEW “cancel changes button” against the pending action
  2. Lists of clients can be filtered and sorted – Under “request sent to local authority box” previous scheduled requests can be filtered by “pending” , “approved” and “rejected”.
  3. Units types are now shown on the public search results page
  4. Providers can now preview the public view of their services – new tab “public service details” this can be hit to see what is visible on the public search for a scheme
  5. New icon “Quality Assessment Framework” (QAF)- The QAF area has been moved to the Providers homepage giving quicker access to QAFs
If you have any queries on any of the above contact the Supporting People finance payment team
For information and guidance on
If you would like more information on or wish to change/add users please contact the SPOCC Administrator
Technical support is also available from the Housing Executive’s service desk: