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Statement: Unknown Callers

Published: Thur, 23 Aug 2018
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The Housing Executive is again warning tenants and residents about the dangers of bogus callers.
It follows an incident that took place in North Belfast last week where an elderly couple were approached by individuals claiming to be from the Housing Executive.  
The bogus callers said they were there to carry out repairs and once in the property, told the tenants they could be entitled to ‘back pay’ from the Housing Executive.  Contact details were exchanged, and a second person later contacted the couple and money was exchanged.
Most people who call to your home will be genuine, but sometimes people turn up unannounced with the intention of tricking their way into your home.
Any member of Housing Executive staff or one of our contractors will always carry photographic identification. Check this carefully. If they have forgotten their ID card they will understand if you refuse entry to your home.
Contractors working for the Housing Executive will NEVER ask tenants for money.
If you are in doubt, you can contact Quick Check. It’s a 24 hour service run in partnership with the police, utility regulators and other large service companies, to provide reassurance to people about callers to their door claiming to be from utility companies or social housing organisations, such as the Housing Executive.
If you have an unexpected caller at your door use Quick Check.  Ask them to wait while you check them out by calling the police on 101 and asking for Quick Check, or 0800 013 2290 (free to use).  A trained police call handler will take the details of the company which the caller claims to be working for. The call handler will then contact the organisation/utility supplier to determine whether the caller is genuine
Genuine callers will be happy to wait.