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Summertime fun in Dixon Park

Published: Tue, 14 Aug 2018
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Cade really enjoyed the Fun Day
Dixon Park Residents Association used our funding to hold a fun day earlier this month.
The fun day was the perfect opportunity for the young and the young at heart to come together.
Children and adults from the area enjoyed sampling foods from round the world, taking part in carnival games and watching puppet shows. They also got the chance to learn about the fluffy inhabitants of the petting zoo.
Ann Marshall, from Dixon Park Residents Association, said:
“This event was a great chance for people to socialise with their neighbours and have some fun.
“There is a great community spirit here and everyone really enjoyed themselves on the day.
“The Housing Executive has been very supportive and it thanks to them that we are able to make events like this possible.”
Cathy Wright, from our Rural and Regeneration Unit, said:
“Bringing people from different backgrounds and of all ages together to do something fun is a great way to promote good relations within the community.
“I’m delighted that Dixon Park Residents Association were able to use our funding to create such a fantastic family event.”