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Can you do one thing differently?

Published: Wed, 19 Nov 2014
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The theme right across Europe is Food Waste Prevention
The Housing Executive is supporting WRAP's "Love Food Hate Waste" campaign
Take part in the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) from 22-30 November 2014 and help prevent food waste.
It's a Europe-wide campaign which aims to raise awareness of the impacts of waste on our environment by encouraging positive actions from all sectors of the community during the one week period.
The theme right across Europe this year is Food Waste Prevention, so, as with previous years Northern Ireland will be focusing on the popular Love Food Hate Waste campaign and are asking you all to #DoOneThingDifferently! Visit the European Week for Waste Reduction  for more information.
Can anyone participate?
Yes, absolutely anyone can take part and pledge an action, this includes householders, organisations, businesses, retailers, local authorities, schools, churches... so basically this means you! Do register your pledge as these will all count towards the great Northern Ireland total.
How to I take part?
Getting involved doesn’t have to be difficult; your pledged action during this year's EWWR might be as simple as downloading the free Love Food Hate Waste app and promising to make even one meal from its vast range of leftovers recipes.
Alternatively perhaps you want to focus your whole week on reducing food in your home or workplace. Take a look around for some hints, tips and recipes. Getting involved in EWWR really doesn’t have to be work intensive or costly!
  • You will have the feel good factor of knowing you did your bit to help NI reduce food waste during EWWR 2014! Every pledge you make will be added to the EWWR 2014 registration form and will contribute towards a final NI figure
  • Taking action on the issue of food waste in your community or within your home is good for the environment – food waste in landfill produces a greenhouse gas four times more damaging than CO²
  • By become more food waste aware you could be saving your household £60 per month
  • To participate: download the free resources to help you plan your EWWR activity to register your pledge.
  • By doing this YOU will have participated in a Europe-wide campaign and done your bit to create a more sustainable environment