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MET Office issue warning of more rain

Published: Wed, 12 Nov 2014
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The MET Office has issued a yellow warning of further rain for Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November.
A developing frontal system is expected to bring another period of persistent, and at times heavy rain to Northern Ireland during Thursday and into Friday. The rain is likely to be accompanied by gales during Thursday with gusts of 60 mph in exposed parts of the east.
Following recent wet weather, the public should be aware of the continuing risk of flooding from this next batch of heavy rain. The MET Office has indicated that the situatation will be kept under review and warned of the possibility of escalating to Amber on Thursday morning, should the likelihood of medium impacts increase.
If you are a Housing Executive tenant and your home is damaged by storms or flooding this weekend, call us on 03448 920 901 to report the problem.
If your home is at risk of flooding:
  • Find out where is the risk of flooding coming from, e.g. drains in the home / in the street / river flooding its bank etc. Report the flood.
  • Block doorways and air bricks if possible as a precaution to stop the water coming into the home.
  • If flooding is imminent, switch off gas and electricity.
  • Move valuables/pets to a higher position and place important documents in sealed plastic bags.
  • Make up an emergency kit to include: medical needs, mobile phone, radio, torch, first aid kit, food and a drink.
  • You can contact Floodline on 0300 2000 100.