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Welcome with a difference at Doury Road

Published: Tue, 4 Nov 2014
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Jan Roscoe, Community Development Worker with the Doury Road Development Group, gets the welcome packs ready for distribution. Also pictured is John Read, Housing Executive Cohesion Advisor, and (right) Gerry McHugh, Housing Executive neighbourhood officer.
Doury Road Welcome Pack
New residents moving into Doury Road in Ballymena will be welcomed with a difference when they are presented with specially created packs.
The essentials packs will also be available to older tenants in need and those who are struggling financially or having difficulty, especially over the winter period.
The packs are the brainchild of the Doury Road Development Group, which is working to rejuvenate the estate and make it an area where people want to live and funded by us.
We have funded the group’s efforts to the tune of £1100 under our Shared Communities Programme.
The packs contain items such as a plastic bin, tea bags, toilet roll, foodstuff, a flask, energy saving light bulbs, a blanket and a torch.
They also contains leaflets giving useful information such as contacts for the committee, dentists and doctors, local schools, bin collection day details, home safety advice, a spending diary and emergency information.
Northern Ireland Water has provided shower timers and stopcock stickers and the PSNI has provided personal alarms, UV property marker pens and details on its Quick Check scheme – aimed at tackling the issue of bogus callers - for the packs.
Doury Road is one of six areas in Northern Ireland which has been identified to take part in the Department for Social Development’s ‘Building Successful Communities’ pilot. The area is already designated as an area of deprivation that suffers from blight but has the potential for recovery supported by housing-led regeneration.
Jan Roscoe is the group’s Community Development Worker. She said:
“A lot of work is being done and we want to welcome and encourage people to come and live on our estate. In the last few months we have had five new arrivals.
“We are hoping that as part of the regeneration efforts, others will consider it as somewhere they would like to live. Some private landlords have started to work on their properties and are attracting new residents into the estate.
John Read, Cohesion Advisor for the Housing Executive, said:
“The Shared Communities Programme aims to develop shared areas where people choose to live with others, regardless of their religion or race, in a neighbourhood that is safe, welcoming to all and threatening to no-one.
“We are delighted to have funded the welcome packs for new tenants and those in need as these types of efforts will help build community spirit and relationships.”