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Calling all residents of Steeple

Published: Tue, 4 Nov 2014
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Building relations in Communities
Bric programme
Future plans aimed at revitalising the Steeple estate will be unveiled at an information event in the area this week
The Inter Estate Partnership and Steeple Community Association recently joined forces to look at ways of developing a more cohesive, vibrant community under the Building Relationships in Communities (bric) Programme.
The initiative has been facilitated by the Peace III funded bric Programme, a unique collaboration between the Rural Development Council, Housing Executive and TIDES Training.
A community survey was undertaken, which led to the appointment of a consultant to formulate a five year action plan for the area.
Residents are encouraged to attend the information event, where the survey findings and action plan will be unveiled. It is being held in Parkhall Primary School on Wednesday, November 5th, at 6pm.
Local groups are also planning to have information stands at the event to discuss opportunities to get involved with their work and promote the services offered.
Chris Davis, our Good Relations Officer said:
“This event will bring all the groups working in the area together, with each group providing information on who they are, what they do and how people can get involved.
“The findings and plan will be presented to both the community and to stakeholders to ensure that the community has information and ownership.”
John Smyth, Secretary of the Steeple Community Association and local councillor said:
“There have been positive vibes about the future of the estates so we are urging residents to come along to the event on Wednesday evening and get involved.
“There have been a number of issues that have affected the estates in the past but the future is definitely looking brighter. We are hoping that new ideas and opportunities will continue to make Steeple a great place to live.
“The bric programme has been the instrument to reinvigorate community life in the Steeple and it has been a very good experience.