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Titanic artwork steams into east Belfast

Published: Mon, 17 Nov 2014
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Launch of Cuba Walk Mural, East Belfast
Launch of Cuba Walk Mural, East Belfast
A paramilitary mural in east Belfast has been removed as part of a pioneering project aimed at building good relations and community spirit across Northern Ireland.
Facilitated by the EU PEACE III funded Building Relationships in Communities (bric) Programme, the former UFF painting in Cuba Walk has been replaced by imagery depicting the Titanic and its enduring connections to the area.
The striking transformation was driven by the local community and managed by Charter NI who worked with the Forward Group, Pitt Park Women’s Group and representatives for the mural.
Together they worked closely with renowned artist John Stewart to design the images that capture the enormous role local people played in the creation and story of the world’s most famous ship.
Local MLA, Sammy Douglas, took time to attend and spoke at the launch, thanking the efforts of the local community and the artist in making this happen.
Speaking at the mural launch, Dee Stitt from Charter NI, said:
“East Belfast is inextricably linked to the Titanic and we are all very proud to be associated with it. This new artwork reflects this sense of pride and is a very welcome and positive addition to the area.
“Through our involvement with the bric Programme we have been able to make real visible change through a resident led initiative.
“On behalf of the groups and residents involved I would like to thank bric, the Housing Executive and the artist John Stewart for making this change possible.”
Carole Johnston, our South & East Belfast Area Manager, said:
“The Housing Executive is delighted to be able to support this excellent project and recognise the huge efforts of everyone who played their part in bringing it to fruition.  We are delighted that the appetite and desire for this dramatic change was led by the local community and directed by them through the Forward Group and Pitt Park Women’s Group.”
“The bric Programme revolves around the central theme of the cultivation and building of community spirit and this venture undoubtedly fulfils that.”
Deirdre Crawford, our Community Cohesion Manager, said:
“The Housing Executive’s Community Cohesion Team will continue to support re-imaging projects across East Belfast.  We commend the Forward group for their drive and vision to take forward their community in a way that celebrates the wonderful achievements of all the people of East Belfast and the rich history of this part of the City.”
The bric Programme is a unique partnership between the Rural Development Council, the Housing Executive and Tides Training, and is currently operating in almost 90 social housing areas across Northern Ireland as it aims to build and cultivate good relations across the province.