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Urban Rural Report published

Published: Wed, 30 Apr 2014
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The report was published by the DSD's Analytical Services Unit
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The report entitled “Family Resource Survey Urban Rural, Northern Ireland 2011/12” contains statistics for the period April 2011 to the end of March 2012, was published by Analytical Services Unit in the Department for Social Development (DSD).
The statistics contained in the publication are based on The Family Resources Survey (FRS) which collects detailed data on income levels, resources and financial circumstances of individuals and households. It shows that across Northern Ireland approximately 79% of households paid less than £80 per week on housing costs, while 23% of individuals were found to be in relative poverty on the after housing costs measure.
Its key findings include:
  • two Rural regions reported the highest level of accommodation owned outright (48% in the Rural West & 47% the Rural East).
  • The Urban West had the highest percentage of households renting from the private rented sector (23%).
  • Belfast Metropolitan Urban Area had the highest percentage of households renting from the social rented sector (22%).
  • the Northern Ireland median equivalised income was £372 before housing costs and £336 after housing costs.
  • In 2011/12 it was found that 21% of individuals in Northern Ireland were in relative poverty (before housing costs).
The full findings of the survey are available from DSD: