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Flood cleanup in Magherafelt

Published: Thur, 7 Aug 2014
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Sand bags at the door of one of our properties
Sand bags
The recent deluge of rainwater in mid-Ulster over a very short period of time affected a number of our properties in Magherafelt.  
But our team in the area was quick to offer help to the residents involved. As soon as the report of a problem was received our team’s emergency plan was put into action.  
Homes were visited and a safety check of the electrics was undertaken.  When given the all clear, residents were provided with dehumidifiers, where needed, and helped during the subsequent clean up.
We did offer temporary accommodation to one resident who was particularly affected but the offer was declined.
Declan McAllister, our local Housing Manager in Magherafelt, attended the clean up operation and said, “I’d like to pay tribute to our team who helped out so swiftly during this unexpected flood and to our tenants for their prompt action during the deluge.  We hope things will get back to normal very soon.”