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Joint statement from NIHE and contractors

Published: Tue, 5 Aug 2014
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A settlement has now been reached with the contractors
Housing Centre
The following is a joint statement by NIHE, Bann Ltd, Dixons Contractors, PK Murphy Construction and Mascott Construction.
A settlement has been reached between the Housing Executive and four contractors regarding a dispute over alleged overpayments on its planned maintenance contracts. This settlement takes into account both overpayments and entitlements by the contractors to claim for works not previously charged for.
The settlement has been reached following the involvement of independent experts and legal advisors on both sides.
Three of the four contractors have accepted that there were significant overpayments on a number of projects completed during the early years of the contracts but not to the level initially estimated by the Housing Executive.
The Housing Executive accepts that one of the contractors was not overpaid.
Three of the contractors have agreed to pay a sum of £670,000.00 to the Housing Executive for the overpayments.
The Housing Executive and contractors will now work constructively together to deliver new programmes of improvement work for the benefit of tenants across Northern Ireland.