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New panel gives our tenants an opportunity to scrutinise housing services in West Belfast

Published: Mon, 18 Aug 2014
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Tenant Scrutiny Panel
T-S Panel West Belfast
As part of our Community Involvement Strategy tenants in the West Belfast area are to be offered a better say in the future of their neighbourhoods, with the creation of a new tenant led housing scrutiny panel.
Tenant Scrutiny Panels are being set up across Northern Ireland to give our tenants a voice to ensure that local offices are delivering the housing services they feel are important and to the standard they want and have a right to expect.
Tenant scrutiny is based on the principle that the views and priorities of tenants should be at the heart of our framework for directing, assessing, monitoring and modifying our activities.
The West Belfast Scrutiny Panel had its initial meeting on Tuesday 12 August at our Belfast Regional Office.  The panel has eight tenants and community representatives selected by the Housing Community Network.  Initially the panel’s role will be to define what they feel constitutes a “good” or “excellent” customer service, then over the coming year they will scrutinise current housing services in West Belfast, starting with empty properties and re-let times, to ensure that they meet an agreed standard.
Members of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, which will meet every two months, are looking forward to the year ahead.  Renee Crawford from the Mid Lenadoon Residents Association said:
“I am delighted that local tenants will have a bigger role in the targeting and provision of local housing services, and that the Housing Executive is going to work more closely with us.”
Ian McLaughlin of the Shankill Housing Network also said:
“Through the Scrutiny Panel, tenants will have a better say in ensuring that the services being delivered across West Belfast are the services they really want, as well as an opportunity to constructively challenge the Housing Executive, where necessary, to ensure that agreed standards are met.”
Our West Belfast Area Manager, Sharon Beattie, added:
“I very much look forward to working with the West Belfast Scrutiny Panel over the coming year.  I firmly believe this will help to build on the excellent work that is already being carried with local communities on a day to day basis, and through our Housing Community Network.  It will also ensure that housing services in West Belfast are tailored to local needs and priorities across the area.”