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Delivering the energy efficiency message to schools

Published: Wed, 5 Feb 2014
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Pupils from Model primary school and Elaine Brownlee, Bryson Energy
Bryson Energy schools project
Over 250 primary schools across Northern Ireland will benefit from the Housing Executive’s energy efficiency schools programme this year.
Noel Rice, our Energy Conservation Manager explained: “As the Home Energy Conservation Authority for Northern Ireland we want to promote energy efficiency where we can. The issue of high fuel costs and the need to save energy isn’t going away . We considered that teaching children how to be energy efficient was more important than ever before.
“Through our partnership with Bryson Energy, the energy efficiency schools programme is delivered to year 5 and 6 pupils in primary schools throughout Northern Ireland.
“It includes a unique interactive presentation on energy efficiency designed for primary school children. It covers a range of areas beginning with where energy comes from, its impact on the environment and most importantly what the children can do to save energy in the home and at school.
The overall aim is for the children to bring the energy efficiency message into their homes for the whole family. By getting them involved in saving energy at a young age, they are not just learning for the future, but can help saving money on energy costs within the home and help the environment.”
Commenting Bryson Energy Director, Nigel Brady said: “The educational outreach programme, funded by the Housing Executive assists in our objective of changing future generations’ attitudes towards energy use and conservation. Ongoing efforts at reducing carbon emissions can only be sustained if our children have a clear understanding of how energy is generated and the benefits of responsible energy usage.
“Partnerships with schools are key to achieving ‘whole house’ solutions to fuel poverty. Through the schools programme we have also been able to increase awareness amongst parents of energy efficiency and the energy efficiency initiatives that exist.”
We have been funding the programme since 2003 and the schools programme has been delivered to 260 each year for the last three years.