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Lagmore is Blooming Beautiful

Published: Mon, 24 Feb 2014
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(L-r) John Rafferty NIHE, Kate McCormick, Anne Tohill, Maire Scott & Eamon Scott Glendowan Community Association and NIHE's Michael Hilton and Neil Andrews
Glendowen Lagmore community garden
Vacant land owned by the Housing Executive has been transformed through teamwork and dedication to a beautiful community garden.
The residents in the Lagmore area are delighted with their garden at Glendowan Close which has been officially opened.
The Glendowan Community Association has worked in partnership with us and the local community to develop the land into a garden which is proving a tremendous asset to the community.
The garden features some beautiful plants that will be easy to maintain and improve with growth and age.   A walk way has been incorporated into the area to help accommodate pushchairs / wheelchairs so everyone can take advantage of the space.
Kate McCormick, Glendowan Community Association’s chair, commented: “We were so pleased to have the support of the Housing Executive to help transform the area.  The garden will make a real difference to everyday life in the area.  Aesthetically, the difference will be like night and day representing a fresh start for 2014.  
“Personally, I am looking forward to enjoying sitting in the garden during the good weather (I am hopeful for summer 2014) as the garden will allow all the neighbours the chance to sit out and socialise.”
The Housing Executive’s local Neighbourhood Officers, Michael Hilton and John Rafferty, were fully behind the garden’s development as they could see the potential practical benefit for local residents.  
Of the development Michael said: “John and I both knew the community could benefit greatly from having a garden in the area and we were more than happy to push for the initiative.  We enjoyed working alongside Gary Hilliard and Neil Andrews from our Grounds Maintenance team to create this space for the residents.
Meanwhile John commented: “There’s a tangible sense of community spirit in Glendowan which I hope this garden will help sustain and encourage.”
The Housing Executive will continue to work in partnership with local communities to help develop initiatives which will the benefit our tenants and the wider community.