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Treemendous Improvements for Turf Lodge

Published: Thur, 6 Feb 2014
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Therese Maguire (NIHE), Jacqui McGeough & Teesa Darragh Turf Lodge Residents' Ass., Victor Watson (Landscape Centre), Robert McClean (NIHE) & Cllr Janice Austin.
Norglen tree planting
The community came out in force recently to help us plant over 30 trees on the newly paved banks and grassed areas in the Turf Lodge estate.
The trees, which are a mixture of prunus avium and titlia cordata, are being planted as part of an exercise to remove the unpopular cobbled stoned banks in the area.
They will also add a welcome splash of colour in coming years as our Grounds Maintenance Manager for Belfast, Malachy Brennan, explains: “Apart from maintaining many thousands of homes throughout Northern Ireland, the Housing Executive is also responsible for the upkeep of much of the land in and around its estates.  
“This is a task that generally goes unnoticed, however, we are particularly pleased when communities volunteer their support and assistance to help care for their local neighbourhood.  
“While there is no doubt that the actual planting process gave those involved an immediate sense of achievement, the long term benefits are equally important as projects like this go a long way in helping to improve the physical environment of an area.”
Jacqui McGeough from the Turf Lodge Residents Association echoed those sentiments and added: “It goes without saying that everyone wants to live in pleasant surroundings and that’s why we were delighted to get involved in this project.  
“Not only was it great fun (if a little cold at times!), but the trees are a welcome and colourful addition – it will be nice to look out of the window and see a bit of greenery.”