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Glen Ward residents to have their say

Published: Tue, 14 Jan 2014
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The Glen Ward Community Development Association is keen to hear from the local community
The Housing Executive will collect completed surveys
Residents can have their say on the future plans for Glen Ward through the local community survey which begins on the 20th January.
The Glen Ward Community Development Association is keen to hear what the local community has to say and our Research Unit is delighted to help the Association with this work.
The confidential survey is part of the Association’s commitment to the Housing Executive’s Shared Communities Programme which it signed up to last year. The research team wants to hear local residents’ current satisfaction with the services and facilities in the Glen Ward, what events, activities or projects they would like to see happening and give suggestions for change.
The team is also interested in finding out about residents’ attitude to community relations and how safe people feel in their community.
Margaret Cox from the Glen Ward Community Development Association said:
“It is vital all residents of the Glen Ward complete one of our surveys.  We want to hear what direction those living here wish to take for our area and this is a terrific opportunity to voice an opinion in confidence to the Housing Executive’s research team.”
The Shared Communities Programme which Glen Ward is part of is a 3-year programme funded by the Housing Executive.  It works with existing communities aiming to develop shared areas where people choose to live with others, regardless of their religion or race, in a neighbourhood that is safe, welcoming to all and threatening to no-one.
The results of the survey will be published later this year and will help pave the way forward for the area.