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Lisnaskea residents love where they live

Published: Wed, 29 Jan 2014
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Jennifer Hawthorne (front row, centre) with residents of  Carrowshee Park and Sylvan Hil, Lisnaskea at the survey launch.
Lisnaskea Survey 2014
Residents of Lisnaskea’s Carrowshee Park and Sylvan Hill love where they live according to the results of a survey carried out in the area recently.
Nearly two-thirds of residents took the time to reply to our research team survey last autumn which showed a positive attitude to their community with 86% are either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with Carrowshee / Sylvan Hill as a place to live.
At the recent launch of these findings the two areas were delighted to announce their full participation in the Housing Executive’s Shared Communities Programme a three-year programme aimed at supporting and encouraging shared communities across NI.  With 68% of those participating in the survey in favour of their area moving towards a mixed community rather than predominately Catholic or Protestant it is a solid foundation from which to build.  Other results of the survey supported the involvement in the Shared Communities Programme as 89% ‘frequently’ or ‘sometimes’ mix with people from a different community / religious backgrounds and 80% would be willing to attend shared events with people from different religious backgrounds.
Carrowshee / Sylvan Hill is seen a safe place to live in as 95% of those who replied said they felt ‘very safe’ or ‘safe’ walking around during the day with 75% feeling ‘very safe’ or ‘safe’ walking around after dark.  
There were a few concerns raised chief of which were dog fouling and strays (both dogs and cats).
Mary Brady, Chair of Carrowshee Park and Sylvan Hill Community Association, said: “Nearly two-thirds of those living in the area took part in the survey.  We are delighted at this high participation as it shows us the enthusiasm of the people in the area to commit to creating a better place to live.  Even better it shows what many of us anecdotally knew it’s a great place to live.
“We are delighted now to have a comprehensive and up-to-date survey completed by the Housing Executive’s Research Unit. The results of this will guide us in focussing on issues that have been highlighted and will provide us with a solid basis on which we can develop a plan of action.
“On behalf of the community association I’d like to thank the Housing Executive for their commitment to our community and support through the Shared Communities Programme.  We’re all looking forward to working with them in 2014 and beyond.”
Jennifer Hawthorne, our Head of Social Regeneration, echoed Mary Brady’s comments and went on to say: “The Housing Executive is delighted to be working with the two estates through the Shared Community Programme.  They have shown great commitment so far through community events, information days and visits to other shared communities.  
“We’re pleased to be able to continue our support to help bring the two communities closer together.  They’ve already collaborated with other groups in Lisnaskea and formed strong bonds with others outside the area, some of different religious backgrounds and have really learned a lot and shared ideas, skills and experiences.”