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Support for residents recently threatened by flooding

Published: Wed, 8 Jan 2014
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Our contractor delivered 1,800 sandbags to the Inverary Community centre in the early hours of Friday 3rd January
Contractors delivering sandbags
Chief Executive, Dr John McPeake has paid tribute to staff and contractors for their valuable role in the response to the threat of a tidal surge and flooding.
Our staff and contractors were out on site in East Belfast and at the Inverary Community Centre during last Thursday night and Friday morning as part of the multi agency response to the recent threat .They were also on the ground in other areas threatened with flooding including Newry, Newtownards, the east coast and Londonderry.
As well as delivering sand bags to homes we own that had been identified as being at potential risk from flooding, our contractors delivered almost 20,000 sandbags for general distribution throughout Northern Ireland.
Dr. McPeake said: “It’s all too easy to say that someone is only doing what they are paid to do, however, when you see Housing Executive staff and contractors out at 2.00 am in the morning delivering and distributing sandbags to the public I feel that deserves some recognition.
“There is no doubt that the work undertaken by  Housing Executive staff played a vital role in helping prepare adequate flood defences and reassuring communities and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff involved for their efforts.”
Further practical advice is available from NI Direct on the storage of sandbags and what to do in the event of flooding in your area: