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Weather warnings for the weekend

Published: Fri, 3 Jan 2014
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There may be snow on Saturday
Clara Estate in East Belfast
The Met Office has put out a yellow warning for weather across Northern Ireland over the weekend.
Outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow will develop during Saturday before clearing during the evening. The snow will be mainly confined to higher ground above about 150 metres where accumulations of several centimetres are possible. There may be temporary slight slushy deposits at lower levels in any heavier precipitation. The situation is finely-balanced and there remains considerable uncertainty regarding the extent of any snow.
The PSNI are currently coordinating a multi agency planning team in anticipation of further tidal coastal surges on Saturday and Sunday which have the potential to cause flooding in a number of areas across the country.
Outbreaks of rain, heavy at times, will affect the UK on Sunday. This additional rainfall, following the recent wet weather, means that the public should be aware of an increased risk of both surface water and river flooding as well as disruption to transport.
If you are a Housing Executive tenant and your home is damaged by storms or flooding this weekend, call us on 03448 920 901 to report the problem. 

If your home is at risk of flooding

  • Find out where is the risk of flooding coming from, e.g. drains in the home / in the street / river flooding its bank etc. Report the flood.
  • Block doorways and air bricks if possible as a precaution to stop the water coming into the home.
  • If flooding is imminent, switch off gas and electricity.
  • Move valuables/pets to a higher position and place important documents in sealed plastic bags.
  • Make up an emergency kit to include: medical needs, mobile phone, radio, torch, first aid kit, food and a drink.