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Day by the sea for Strathfoyle women’s group

Published: Thur, 10 Jul 2014
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The group got great weather for their seaside trip
Strathfoyle women's group
Over 100 adults and kids from Strathfoyle enjoyed a day by the sea recently, thanks to funding from the Housing Executive.
Strathfoyle Women’s Activity Group organised the trip to promote relations within the community. The women and children come from various religious and ethnic backgrounds and all of the women in the positive ageing group are aged 55 and over.
71 adults and 35 children departed on the trip. On the journey back, the group stopped off at a local hotel for lunch.
Presentations were also given, the first by the Positive Ageing group around the topic of ‘Yesteryears’, recounting what life was like growing up in the 1940s and 1950’s.
The second presentation was delivered by one of the group’s Polish mothers around the topic of ‘Polish Culture’.
Eddie Breslin, Cohesion Advisor, said: “We are delighted to have funded the Strathfoyle Women’s Activity group for this trip to help encourage cross-community and inter-generational relationships in the community.”