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Refugee Transition Guide

Published: Mon, 28 Jul 2014
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Miliami Unamoyo and Kathy Watters are pictured with the Guide.
On behalf of Belfast City Council, the Law Centre has produced ‘Refugee Transition’, a guide for people currently in Northern Ireland who have just received refugee status.
The guide will help people navigate through the complex process of finding a home, a job, and generally integrating into society.  It is designed to be used by refugees themselves, but also by their advisers and by staff in statutory agencies.
This was a joint project, involving Belfast City Council, the Housing Executive, EXTERN, Northern Ireland Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (NICRAS) and other organisations that work with refugees and asylum seekers. It benefited greatly from the advice and insights of refugees who have gone through the process themselves, including Miliami Unamoyo who helped launch the guide at Belfast City Hall earlier this month. The first-hand knowledge of people who have gone through this often traumatic experience was key to the success of this guide, and it is hoped to ease the troubles of anyone new to this country.
A spokesperson for the Law Centre stated “Belfast City Council and the Housing Executive are to be commended for this initiative which will help the agencies involved provide a joined up service, and prevent unnecessary poverty and homelessness.”
In addition, the Housing Executive has prepared translations of a summarised version of the guide in Somali, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and French. These will also be available through the link above to Belfast City Council website and on the Housing Executive website.