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What’s happening to the trees at Snakey Path?

Published: Fri, 4 Jul 2014
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The cost of trees planted in the area over the last six years exceeds £3,250
Snakey path vandalism
Seen any trees in the Whitewell Road area recently? Our staff are puzzled by the disappearance of young trees from the Snakey Path area off the Whitewell Road, Belfast.
We have been working over the last number of years to look after the area known as Snakey Path, which runs from the Whitewell Road to the Antrim Road. This is land owned and maintained by the Housing Executive. Grass is routinely cut, trees planted and the area is generally maintained for the local residents.
The Belfast Ground Maintenance Manager, Malachy Brennan, said:
“We are deeply concerned about the destruction of 13 trees some weeks ago, where they were cut down at a low level and removed.  
“Obviously there is an environmental cost here, and the area is looking the worse for wear, as you can see from the pictures. The cost of trees planted here over the last six years exceeds £3,250.”
At the time of writing this article, he has since discovered that another 10 trees have been destroyed and removed this week.
We would appeal to local residents in the area to report any of these incidents.  Do you know what is happening here?  Can you help stop this? Local Housing Executive staff are monitoring the situation, but it seems the vandals work under cover of darkness as the destruction only becomes apparent the following day. Please do all you can to help protect our green spaces and our young trees!